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Open   Back to projects HyperEnglish is a complete online language support resource for high school and university students. It's designed to help students to help themselves - to diagnose their writing or language problems, find their own answers, and edit their own work.

HyperEnglish is both generic (suitable for writing and language help for all students) and specific (suitable for particular disciplines). It provides writing processes, skills, background knowledge and theory. It includes topics like report writing, time management, plagiarism, Englishes, language death and much, much more...

HyperEnglish also contains help for instructors, who may not have resources or time in their own disciplines to help their students to write well. It also contains supplementary materials, interactive tests and did-you-knows.

Suggestions, course needs and new topics are incorporated on an ongoing basis, ensuring that hyperEnglish stays relevant and up to date.


I have a PhD in Linguistics (University of Cape Town), and a masters degree in Language and Literature, and in Medieval Studies (Edinburgh University). I began my career as an editor on a large academic historical dictionary in the UK, and ended it as senior lecturer and regional HOD at Vista University. I've published articles on various topics, and I also work as a professional computer graphics artist, illustrating children's books and text books. I've worked on hyperEnglish for many years and hope you'll find it useful. Best wishes, Beth
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